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Our B&B Guest Rooms

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Private Corner Room
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$133.00-$174.00 (Double Occupancy)
Deluxe Suite
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$188.00-$229.00 (Double Occupancy)
Porch Room
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$123.00-$159.00 (Double Occupancy)
Sunset Room
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$153.00-$205.00 (Double Occupancy)
Bay Window Room
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$133.00-$182.00 (Double Occupancy)
Balcony Room
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$143.00-$193.00 (Double Occupancy)
Sunrise Bay Window Room
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$153.00-$214.00 (Double Occupancy)
Candlelight Room
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$143.00-$202.00 (Double Occupancy)
Cottage East
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Cottage West
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$220.00 (Double Occupancy)