Lancaster’s Craft Brews: Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant

Not such a long while ago, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania was world-famous alongside Germany for its delicious craft beer and skilled brewers. With the rise of craft beer’s popularity and the delicious snacks and food served with it, Lancaster has returned to the forefront of crafting one of our favorite drinks.

Your search for the best beer in town is in the gleaming words of Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant, sheltered in the green trees and glowing glass of a corner store on Lancaster’s polished College Avenue.  Besides its own craft beer, Iron Hill also serves seafood, pizza, sweet potato fries, and dozens of others of your favorites from within the “New American” style of cuisine. Enjoy the knowledgeable and helpful staff, take a tour of the brewery, and, of course, taste its specialized craft beers. Visit the website for more information on the restaurant, a full menu, list of events, and more.  Keep up to date on featured brews so you know what to expect when you plan your visit, when to make a reservation, or (as I would prefer) go in blind and see if you can guess the flavor!

781 Harrisburg Pike
Lancaster, PA 17603
(717) 291-9800

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